FreedomWorks’ Animated Videos of Helen’s Favorite Liberty Minutes

During 2017, FreedomWorks partnered with the Vernon K. Krieble Foundation to produce the following videos, selected from some of Helen’s favorite Liberty Minutes. These videos have been watched over 550,000 times!

FreedomWorks says, “When we understand principles of freedom, and then look closely at issues pertaining to government policies and politics from the perspective of those principles, the solutions become remarkably clear. Americans don’t have—in fact have a responsibility NOT to—tolerate polices that violate the fundamental principles and conditions on which our country was founded.”

We agree! We hope you enjoy these videos by FreedomWorks.

Forfeit the Practice

Take a Bite Out of Crime

Free Range Parenting

Purple Polka Dots

We’re in a Pickle

What’s for Lunch?

I Love My Dog

Mow the Lawn, Go to Jail