Have a great idea for a Liberty Minute?

If you have a great story for a new Liberty Minute, Helen Krieble could record it and air it on radio stations throughout America! If Helen uses your Liberty Minute idea, we’ll send you $250! Here’s how to get started: First, listen to Helen’s Liberty Minutes to see what they’re all about, then write your own Liberty Minute and submit it below. Your story should explain a situation where individual freedom is threatened by an overzealous government entity, official, law or regulation, and exactly why it is an attack on a fundamental principle of freedom. For the best chance of getting your Liberty Minute recorded and aired on the radio (and getting recognized on this Lens of Liberty web site!), keep it brief, succinct, original and in-step with defending American liberty. We’ll let you know if your story makes it to the recording studio!

Thank you for defending freedom!