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Lens of Liberty
Citizenship Initiative

Lens of Liberty is a series of projects, programs and materials developed to educate Americans on what it means to be a United States citizen, and on the responsibilities that come with citizenship. A citizenry that sees and understands issues from the perspective of freedom’s principles can influence outcomes at virtually every level of our lives. Moreover, all citizens who enjoy the privileges of a free society must play a part in keeping the nation’s ideals of freedom on course. As someone who is passionate about keeping America free from tyranny, your partnership with Lens of Liberty will embrace a unique opportunity to grow a more responsible citizenry—citizens who will take smart, effective action when freedom is threatened. More…

Who Should Better Understand Freedom?

Green House Polling Place - Transparent Voters, the General Public and Key Opinion Leaders
All Americans, and especially voters, should understand the Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution, and Bill of Rights, and the essential timeless principles in our founding documents. More…
Purple House with StatofLib Immigrants
All new Americans should understand our nation’s history, culture, language, civics and especially its founding principles. More…
American Public School Graduates
All students graduating from America’s public schools, as new voters, should understandthe nation’s history, civics, and founding principles at least as well as new immigrants do. More…
Gold House with People Association Leaders and Members,
Colleges and Think Tanks

Conservative groups and their leaders should make it a priority that all their work begins from the perspective of founding principles,and push programs that further educate their constituencies on those ideals. More…
Blue House w Professor
Purple house w city hall transparent Legislators, Governors and Other State Officials
State and local governments should push back against federal over-reach and assert their own sovereignty over a wide range of policies. More…