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Learn all about what you must do to win your fight for freedom:


Be Informed

You know that voting is important but voting alone isn’t being the citizen required of a country founded on freedom. Keeping freedom alive and well requires engaged, active and informed citizens. Most important, it requires an understanding of freedom’s principles and seeing issues, solutions and public servants through the lens of liberty.


Stay Vigilant

It’s up to you and all Americans to keep a watchful eye on the many who would gladly cash in our freedom for their special interest. As you observe the local and national dialogue about important issues, first study the solutions advocated by your representatives. When they don’t measure up against principles of freedom, it’s time to take action! Find out more about vigilance and fighting back in our FREE Freedom Kit!


Fight Back!

You’ve seen another attack on your freedom, and you’re determined to assume your role as an active and engaged citizen. You’re ready to take action. Now it’s time to plan your strategy and begin your fight to advance freedom. We suggest your start with “Five Steps to Winning Your Fight” in our – and that you don’t stop until you’ve taken back every single inch of your freedom!

“That Offends Me”

Polling Place

All Americans, and especially voters, should understand the Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution, and Bill of Rights, and the essential timeless principles in our founding documents. More…


All new Americans should understand our nation’s history, culture, language, civics and especially its founding principles. More…

american public school graduates

All students graduating from America’s public schools, as new voters, should understand the nation’s history, civics, and founding principles at least as well as new immigrants do. More…

legislators, governors & other state officials

State and local governments should push back against federal over-reach and assert their own sovereignty over a wide range of policies. More…

Association Leaders & Members, Colleges & think tanks

Conservative groups and their leaders should make it a priority that all their work begins from the perspective of founding principles, and push programs that further educate their constituencies on those ideals. More…



How America’s unsung heroes advance to freedom..

America’s greatest national treasure is also our best path to greater freedom. Watch this Lens of Liberty video presentation and learn why:

“Freedom begins in your house — not the White House.”