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Liberty Videos


America’s greatest national treasure is also our best path to greater freedom. Watch this Lens of Liberty video presentation and learn why “Freedom begins in your house — not the White House.”

Helen Krieble addressed the State Policy Network Annual Meeting in Nashville– presentation of the 2016 Unsung Hero Award to the Edgar County, Illinois Watchdogs
Illinois Watchdogs accept 2016 Unsung Hero Award — an inspiring story of everyday citizens working to eliminate government corruption and advance freedom

President Reagan’s Farewell Speech 1/11/89–
A lesson in citizenship

10:00 minutes: President Reagan says “…we the people tell government what to do.”

15:30 minutes: President Reagan mentions “new patriotism” — what it means to be an American and why we need to do a better job communicating that America is freedom.

17:00 minutes: President Reagan discuss freedom and says “…freedom is precious and rare.”

18:02 minutes: President Reagan talks about the need to pay more attention to American history and place greater emphasis on civics.

The True Meaning of Patriotism

Here’s a link to pertinent video by The Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) based on a familiar theme.

Helen Krieble Discusses the Red Card Guest Worker Permit Plan

The Cornerstone of Reform

Krieble on Immigration #1

Real Border Security

Krieble on Immigration #2

No Citizenship in Guest Worker Plan

Krieble on Immigration #3

Let the Market Set Quotas

Krieble on Immigration #4

Guest Workers Create Jobs

Krieble on Immigration #5

Bring Small Business to the Table

Krieble on Immigration #6

E-Verify Doesn’t Work

Krieble on Immigration #7

Treat Guest Workers as Guests

Krieble on Immigration #8